10 iPhone Photography Tips To Quickly Improve Your Photos

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1. Keep Your Photos Simple

Steve Jobs used to say, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And he was clearly onto something.

New photographers often overcomplicate their photos. But too many details can distract the viewer, making it hard to create a beautiful and harmonious composition. One interesting subject is all you need to create a memorable photo. And it’s much easier to get the composition right when your photo has just one subject.   Don’t worry if most of your photo is filled with empty space. In photography we call this “negative space”  and it’s a great way of making your subject stand out. Creating clean and simple compositions is one of  the easiest yet most powerful iPhone photography tips you can learn.

2. Shoot From A Low Angle

The majority of iPhone photos are shot from the chest height of a standing adult. This may be the most
convenient way of taking a photo, but there are usually more creative options! You can easily improve your photos by finding a more interesting perspective to shoot from. Often the best way to do that is to simply shoot from a lower angle. There are three great reasons to take your photos from a lower angle.

First, your photos will automatically become more intriguing because they allow the viewer to see the world in a new way.   Second, by shooting from a lower angle you can show your subject with nothing but the sky in the background. This is a good technique for removing unwanted distractions and making your subject stand out.  A third benefit of taking photos from a low angle is that you can show interesting details in the foreground that would otherwise be lost.

This is particularly useful when you want to capture ripples or reflections in water. Try kneeling or even
lying on the ground to use this terrific iPhone photography tip!

3. Show Depth In Your Photos

Most photos look better when they convey a sense of depth as it helps to draw the viewer’s eye into the scene.  This is especially important in landscape photography.

There are several easy techniques that you can use to create depth in your photos. One of the most powerful methods is to incorporate leading lines into your composition. Roads, paths, railway tracks, rivers, fences, ripples in the sand, or the water’s edge at the beach make excellent leading lines.

4. Align Your Subjects Diagonally

If you have multiple subjects in your scene, try aligning them diagonally within the frame. This will usually create a more balanced and harmonious composition. If everything is positioned on one side of the frame, your  photo can end up looking lop-sided and unbalanced.

With certain kinds of photography, such as still life and portraits, you have control over where you place the subjects within the scene. So when shooting these kinds of photos, take a few moments to move the main elements so that they’re positioned diagonally within the frame.

5. Capture Close-Up Detail

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when taking photos is not getting close enough to the subject.  If you shoot from too far away, you’ll never be able to capture the amazing details, colors and textures that will really bring your photos to life.
6. Include Shadows In Your Composition

When the sun is low in the sky, the long shadows cast by your subjects are often more interesting than the actual subjects themselves. Photographing shadows can add a wonderful sense of mystery and intrigue to your images. And they’re great for adding visual interest to the foreground of your composition.

7. Take Silhouette Photos

A silhouette is the dark shape of an object taken against bright light. Silhouetting is one of the most
interesting iPhone photography techniques, and it’s actually very easy to achieve. To shoot an incredible
silhouette photo with your iPhone, all you need to do is find an interesting subject (such as a person) and
shoot towards the light source. To ensure your silhouette appears dark enough, tap to set focus, then swipe  down to reduce the exposure if necessary. You can always darken the silhouettes a bit more using an editing  app if you need to.

8. Photograph Reflections

Reflections make wonderful iPhone photography subjects. You can find reflections on many different surfaces including glass, shiny cars, and ice – but water is probably the best surface for reflection photography.  Unlike mirrors, the ripples and waves on the water’s surface can distort reflections to create a beautiful painterly effect.

9. Use Symmetry

In photography, the word symmetry describes an image in which both halves are identical (or almost identical).  Reflections provide an easy way to create symmetrical images. If you position the line of symmetry across the center of the frame, the top and bottom halves of the photo will be symmetrical. To create this kind of  reflection photo, hold your iPhone just an inch above the surface of the water. But of course, reflections are just one way to create symmetrical compositions. Architecture and other man-made objects are often designed  to be symmetrical.

10. Enhance Your Photos with editing software, built into your camera

Entire books have been written about the topic of photo editing. But you don’t need high-end editing skills or technology to add beauty or drama to your iPhone photos. simplephoto

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