7 Tech Tips for Seniors

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There’s a myth going around that older people are confused by high-tech issues. Actually, many seniors are enjoying the use of the internet and state-of-the-art devices, and like everyone else, they can always use tech tips for improvement, according to AARP.

Sure, there are seniors who need more help than others in the tech world, but it’s the same with people of all ages. It’s just a matter of getting adjusted and discovering how modern devices make life more pleasant.

Seniors are just as capable as anyone else when it comes to using new technologies, says Vinton Cerf, a high-tech pioneer and co-inventor of the internet. Anyone who thinks older adults have difficulty with the internet, for example, should realize seniors “invented it”, Cerf declares.

Here are seven tech tips for seniors:

1. Public Wi-Fi — The convenience of using the internet at various public places helps to keep you updated on information, but it is not secure enough for personal shopping, email, and online banking, even if it requires a password, AARP points out. Hackers can still gain access to your accounts and online activity.

2. Learn the latest — Resources are available offline and online. AARP has teamed with AT&T for the TEK program, which provides workshops in cities throughout the country, the Columbus Dispatch notes. The AARP Academy website helps seniors find events, webinars, and online resources to improve tech skills.

3. Take advantage of health technology — Mobile devices and computers let seniors keep updated on their medication schedule or stay connected with family and services in case of emergencies. They also have such aids as sensors and voice activation from smart technology.

4. 911 always available — The emergency number allows people to call whether or not your cell phone is in service or has a cellular plan. If you only want your phone for emergencies, make sure it is charged.

5. Mobile reservations — You can save money by reserving hotel rooms through your smartphone instead of with a computer, according to David Pogue, founder of Yahoo Tech. Hotels offer cheaper prices for a few days in advance to attract the growing number of mobile phone users.

6. Enjoy music with the best sound — A simple trick is putting your cellphone, speaker first, into a mug, which can increase volume and improve sound, AARP explains. If you love a rich sound, spend a little bit more on earbuds or headphones for listening devices instead of buying cheaper, inferior earbuds, which might cause you to turn up the volume and damage hearing.

7. Save on ink cartridges — Sometimes ink-jet cartridges seem to be out of ink, but they may just be blocked from dry ink. Take out the cartridge and heat it with a hair dryer before buying an expensive cartridge, AARP recommends.

March 2021

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