A tip to taking landscape photos with your cell phone

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Taking good landscape photos can be challenging. How often have you seen a beautiful scene, but when you photograph it with your Phone the image doesn’t do it justice? And how many of us actually live in stunning scenery anyway? Luckily there are some simple yet highly effective techniques for creating amazing landscape photos even in the most ordinary locations.
The most obvious thing you need for landscape photography is a landscape! You don’t need to live in areas of great monitornatural beauty to take great landscape photos. No matter where you are, if you take the time to explore your region you’ll find some excellent opportunities for taking amazing landscape photos with your cell Phone.

A landscape photo without a main subject or focal point rarely turns out well. One of the best ways to make a landscape photo more interesting is to include a main subject to act as a focal point within the scene.  This is especially true with landscapes that don’t have any dominating features. A focal point provides the viewer with a place for their eye to rest once they’ve looked around the rest of the scene. It helps to make the picture more complete and more satisfying to look at. Some objects to use as a focal point in landscape photos are trees, buildings and people, but you could use any object you want. Without an obvious point of interest, your photo won’t hold the viewer’s attention for long.


March 2021

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