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So many clients and colleagues want their web presence – in fact, their overall world presence! – for their business to improve, but just don’t know where to get started. Their feeling of being overwhelmed by the possibilities prevents them from doing anything whatsoever.

If you boil it down, marketing basically comes down to this:


People and businesses which have the most amount of exposure (politicians refer to it as “name recognition”) coupled with positive imagery will experience the most success. While in the world of celebrity a positive reputation doesn’t always matter – think of the phrase “any publicity is good publicity!” – businesses would benefit more if their wide exposure were coupled with a favorable position. So, how do we begin, when the very thought of marketing freezes so many business owners into a state of inertia?

Just like any positive change you wish to make in your life – such as an exercise program, or perhaps even cleaning the garage – we succeed best when we make a commitment to a certain period of time, such as:

“In order to accomplish my goal, I will spend 1 hour per day, 3 times per week without fail”

Next, put it on your calendar, so that you are sure to honor your commitment. You can even put the specific task you wish to accomplish on your calendar, so that now it is as important visually to you as a client meeting.

There are so many things you can accomplish – even in just one hour! – that it would be a shame to miss out. Some items may include:

  • completing your LinkedIn profile and connecting with colleagues
  • writing a blog post, and publishing it to your website and social media
  • presetting status updates on Facebook for your business page for the next week
  • working on the newsletter you’ve been dying to get out
  • contacting people whose business cards you collected at your last networking event
  • creating a Google + account for your business
  • customizing your email signature to include links to your website and/or social media sites

This is just a start of items that can be done – or at least begun – in an hour. Small businesses should be devoting about 10% of their revenue (both money and time) into new customer acquisition, so an hour a day/3x per week is just about right. Be sure that when your workload gets busy – and it will, with all the time and effort you are putting into it! – you don’t skip the crucial marketing step, or you’ll find that your business becomes a rollercoaster, with many new customers followed by barren times when you’ll realize you need to ramp up your marketing efforts. Start today – just an hour! – and you won’t be sorry in the days to come!



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