Common-Sense security tips.

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How do you stop Google from tracking you when you do a web search.  A friend recently suggested an  alternative solution: “Just use Bing.”  That got me thinking about other no-brainer approaches to security that aren’t complicated and time-consuming.

Contrive strong passwords based on what you already know.  I prefer to create my own strong passwords based on phrases that are easy to remember. For example, everyone has memorized some nursery rhyme, poem, or song lyric. Simply use the third letter of each word in a line or two (either skipping words shorter than three letters or using the last or only letter in such words).

Sign into a free VPN service.  Your average telecommuter is familiar with virtual private network (VPN) technology, which organizations use to create secure Internet connections to and from their private networks. As the companies know, there’s nothing like VPN to prevent snooping. If you can live with the download restrictions and speed hit, free VPN is the simplest way to be sure you’re browsing in private.

Lock your phone, please!  Smartphone thefts are rising faster than Apple’s stock price.  One reason high-end cell phones are targeted by thieves is how easy it is to resell the devices. If you haven’t locked your phone and added a free remote data-wipe app, the thief could also use or sell the private information you stored on the phone.



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