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Charging your cellphone is the simplest yet most critical step in making sure it’s available when you need it to be. Fortunately, between wall chargers, car chargers and portable power packs, there are more than enough ways to stay supplied with juice, even when you’re on the go.

Here are a few tips that will help you make your phone charge faster. Remember, keeping it charged consistently will increase the life of your battery, and it will help you avoid that annoying “Low Battery” message just when you’re about to make an important call or send a text message.

Tip #1—Turn on Airplane Mode
Putting your phone into Airplane Mode shuts down calling features, reducing the background work it must do while plugged in. This allows it to charge more efficiently. Likewise, you should also turn off both Bluetooth® and GPS before plugging the phone in to charge.

Tip #2—Just Leave It Alone
It can be tempting to use your phone while it’s plugged in, but this actually makes it work harder and ultimately slows down the charging process. It’s best to charge overnight, or at times when you know you won’t need to use it for a while.

Tip #3—Don’t Overheat
When your phone is charging, it’s generating a lot of heat. Don’t leave it on a couch or bed. This will only build up more heat around the phone, making the battery work harder (not to mention, creating a fire hazard!)

Tip #4—Use the Original Charger
Though it may be convenient, it will take much longer to charge your phone using a USB connection to a computer or tablet. The wall charger that came with your phone is specifically designed for it, and will always provide the fastest charge. For some devices, wall chargers even provide “super charging”, which really speeds up the process.

Tip #5—Be Consistent
Charge your phone fully every day to prolong its battery life. If your battery does run low, simply turn off the phone until you can charge it rather than letting it discharge completely. On both Android phones and iPhones, you also have the ability to activate a “low power” or “battery saver” mode once the charge falls to 20% or less. This helps nurse your battery along until you can get to your charger.

Your cellphone can do all sorts of marvelous things, but it can’t do any of them with a dead battery! Remember these 5 easy tips, and you’ll be sure to have all the power you need to stay connected.

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