Facebook Class – a success in many ways

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For the past 3 weeks, our “Using Facebook to Promote Your Business or Organization” class has been running, and it was a wonderful – and hopefully educational! – experience for all. While we learned many things about Facebook – from scheduling posts in advance to analyzing Facebook Insights to track results – some of the best things to come out of our class include:

Motivation – just knowing that your Facebook business page would be discussed each week absolutely lit a fire for our participants to get cracking on those posts!

Camaraderie – what a terrific group we had! From the first class when we were learning each other’s names, to our last class when we were sharing cookies (thanks Donna!) and catching up on our week, we managed to learn new social media marketing techniques while making real world connections.

Support – After our first class, participants made the time to like, comment and share each other’s posts, and since every Facebook engagement of our posts multiplies the organic reach, having our group support our online efforts has paid off in spades!

Learning new techniques is great, but these other areas where we benefitted can’t begin to be measured. I only hope that our eyesight has improved as well – all the better to see the faded upside down triangle where all of the important menu choices are hidden! Thanks everyone for a great class – and if you missed it – check out our c=scheduled for the next one. You won’t be sorry!


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