Frequently Asked Questions

What software will my website be utilizing?

At Red Penguin, we develop websites using the most popular open-source content management systems of WordPress and Joomla. Both WordPress & Joomla are known worldwide, they are easy to edit, you can find books and videos about them all over the web (including our own website, where we have tutorials available for you), and any website developer worldwide has worked with them. We deliberately choose NOT to use proprietary software that only WE know how to use (like many other companies), because that would render your website useless if you choose to move it to another server.

Who “owns” my website after it is completed?

You do! I have seen what happens to people who have paid for a website to be developed – only to have it held “hostage” by the developer when they are unable to make any changes or move to another web host if desired. Your website is your property, and while most of our clients choose to stay on with one of our hosting packages for the personal, professional service of Red Penguin and the ease of hosting/maintaining your site, you will always have full access and passwords to everything – it’s yours!

Why choose Red Penguin?

Over the past 10 years, Red Penguin Web Solutions has been privileged to work with hundred of clients from various schools, businesses and organizations in bringing their vision and message to life on the web. In addition to running Red Penguin, owner Stephanie Larkin teaches marketing and small business management at Nassau Community College, leads workshops and webinars throughout New York on social media marketing, and hosts television’s “Technically Speaking”, which airs throughout Queens and Long Island, so she certainly has her hand in the most current workings of the tech and marketing worlds.

How does the “Referral Rewards Program” work?

For every referral to a new client, you will receive $50 off your next bill – multiple referrals, therefore, could slash – or perhaps even eliminate – your  charges. If your earned credits through referrals eclipse your annual bill, we’ll be happy to write you a check for the overage. You deserve it!