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Most computer users know the basic keyboard shortcuts, like pressing Ctrl + P on a PC to print a document or Ctrl + V to paste some text, but did you know there are plenty of other useful key combinations out there? These shortcuts will put the Internet and more at your fingertips—because every second counts.

1. Alt + F4
This will allow you to close your browser instantly. So whether your boss walks up while you’re on Facebook or your other half comes into the room while you are buying them a gift, with this shortcut you’re sorted.

2. Windows key + D
Get quick access to your desktop. If you have a lot of windows open on your computer and you want to quickly access your desktop, hit these keys.

3. Ctrl + D
Create a shortcut to your new favorite website by bookmarking the page with these keys.

4. Ctrl + scroll mouse wheel
Change the zoom level on your computer with ease. Whether you’re working on the Internet or in a word document, zoom in or out with this command.

5. Ctrl + Shift + T
Quickly reopen your previous tab in a browser. Don’t worry about the next time you accidentally close a browser tab that you didn’t mean to. Just use this quick shortcut to restore the page instantly.

6. Alt +  ←
This helpful shortcut with take you to a previous webpage you were looking at in your browser quickly.

7. Ctrl + L, or F6
Select the address bar. When you want to quickly type a new URL into your browser, this shortcut will easily select the address bar for you, so you can start typing without moving your mouse.

8. F7
Spelling / Grammar Check. No more spelling mistakes.

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