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If you travel with your laptop, you’ve probably run into issues connecting to a hotel’s WiFi.
The hardwired Ethernet option is typically much more reliable, and if you bring along a wireless
router, you can create your own WiFi network by tapping into the cable attached to the desk in
many hotel rooms. This TP-Link model is one of the most affordable and compact—roughly the size
of your laptop’s power adapter. There’s also a built-in USB port for external storage devices or
charging other gadgets.

Compact power strip with USB ports.compactpowerstrip

Once you make it to your hotel room, you’ll probably need a power strip with USB ports to power
up your gear. Get a compact wall plate that folds flat for storage and expands to provide two full-size
grounded power outlets and a pair of USB ports. The integrated ports are great for fueling up smart
phones, but you’ll want to bring along a regular AC adapter if you need to charge two tablets. This
is also a must-have for airports, where power outlets are few and far between (and often need
to be shared with strangers).

Most electronics can handle the full range of international voltages, from 110-240 volts, but if you
travel overseas, there’s a good chance you’ll need an adapter to match your gadget’s plug to the outlet.
You can pick up a very basic version for a couple of bucks online, or you can step up to an all-in-one
adapter that’ll have you covered in more than 150 countries while also providing a pair of USB ports.

The two plug adapters we looked at both include USB ports, and while they’ll accommodate a smartphone
or two, you’ll need a different charger to fuel up several tablets at once. This USB travel charger
includes five USB ports with a combined 5 amps of output, so you can charge all of your family’s
electronics at once.
A cable lock won’t stop determined thieves from walking away with your expensive gear, but it will slow
them down, making a huge difference when they only have a moment to grab a laptop. With a notebook
lock securing your device to a table or chair, you can walk over to the water fountain or check-in desk
at an airport without packing up your laptop.

from $4/day

If you need faster international performance or don’t have a T-Mobile SIM, you can purchase Keepgo’s global
data service, which ranges in price from $4/day for 50MB of data to $12 for 500MB of usage each day,
depending on your destination. Speeds are unlimited, so you can browse without restriction, assuming you
stay within your daily limits. Once you hit that cap, you can’t use the SIM for the rest of the day,
so keep that in mind when choosing a plan. Keepgo also offers AT&T SIM cards.

March 2021

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