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A power converter

Don’convertert fry your electronics when you go overseas. This is coming from a well-seasoned
traveler who still managed to slip up last summer. If you’re going abroad for a significant
amount of time, it’s well worth investing in a heavy duty power converter.

In addition to its outlets, look for a power converter that has USB ports, so you don’t
have to take up any outlets when you need to charge your phone or tablet. If you’re picking
one of these up you’ll be all set for travel to Europe, the US, UK, or Australia.

A selfie stick

For better or worse, selfie sticks have become a constant companion for many travelers.
I’m recommending one that pairs with your phone via Bluetooth. Once paired, you can snap
a shot or zoom in or out through the button on the stick’s base. Look for a that model
extends out up to 49″ and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, GoPros,
and digital cameras.

A waterproof phone case

If you’re going to be around a lot of pools and beaches on your next trip, it’s important
to make sure you’ve got a case on your phone that can stand getting wet. We’re going to
continue to recommend the best waterproof phone case option you can get. If your phone takes
a dunk while in this case, you won’t have to run for the rice.

A luggage tracker

If you’ve ever lost a bag while traveling, you know how tedious and nerve-racking it is
trying to get it back. Plus there’s the thought that it might never be found and your stuff
will just end up in a between-airport limbo. Trakdot wants to eliminate that frustration with
its palm-sized luggage tracker.

luggage scale

Portable handheld luggage scale

We all hate baggage fees, and while you may not be able to avoid paying them altogether when
you check a bag on a domestic flight, you can at least avoid overweight charges. Simply attach
the scale to your luggage straps and lift. If you’re over the limit, you can move clothes and
other items from one bag to another before you arrive at the airport, helping reduce wait times
or stress on your wallet.

March 2021

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