New Gadgets for old pc’s and Macs

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Every year, it’s super tempting to splurge on that new laptop model that’s out. A new laptop means a cute new bag to go along with it, plus the promise of a gadget that has improved features. But if you invested all your savings in a new computer when you started college or just have sentimental value tied to your hand-me-down laptop, you’re going to want to hold on to it for as long as possible. Ahead, you’ll find a few gadgets to make your laptop last as long as possible, saving you time and money in the long run.

Blue LED Light Lap Desk
The TG Blue LED Light Lap Desk with Built in Cushion and Cup Holder ($29) will make sure your laptop won’t burn your lap. It also creates a reliable foundation for your device as you use it, so that it won’t slip and fall to the floor.
MacBook Battery Replacement
Some HP laptop batteries start to slowly lose their full battery retention after 300 cycles, and Apple models last between 300 and 1,000 power cycles. Don’t let yourself get caught without a backup, like the Lenmar Aluminum Unibody Macbook Pro Replacement Battery ($120).

laptopcoolingpadLaptop cooling Pad
If you’re using your laptop for an entire workday, it will likely heat up after a few hours of use. The Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad in Black ($23) with a built-in fan can prevent your processor from getting too hot which can cause hardware issues.

Incipio Block Bands
Using the wrong laptop charger could cause potential operating issues. Make sure you’re always using the right charger for your specific model! Never forget it by keeping it properly coiled up with the Incipio Block Bands Cable Management ($10) for on-the-go use.
WD My Passport Hard Drive
The number one rule of owning any device: back up and transfer all your files to something like the WD Black Portable Hard Drive: My Passport for Mac ($100). This way, you’ll always be ready to smoothly update your system and keep any antivirus software working properly.

Speck Snap-On Case
Keep your laptop safe from any scratches with a case you actually love. You know, one that comes in your
favoritecolor, doesn’t add too much weight, and has the right airflow design like the Speck Snap-On MacBook Pro Laptop Case ($50).

March 2021

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