Adding Pictures in Joomla



To insert an image, once in “Edit” mode, click on the “image” icon.

An “Image Properties” box will open – click “Browse Server”


On the next page that opens, you can click on a particular folder (or create a new one) if you would like to keep your images together.



Next click on “Choose Files” to find your picture that you saved on your computer, and then “Send it to the Server”. Your image will appear in your folder.


Click on your image. In the next box, you can set the size of your image. Your total width is 700, so choose accordingly. Click “ok” and you’re done!


You may also DRAG and DROP your images right onto your page. Once you have clicked on the “edit” icon to begin editing your page, you can drag an image directly from a folder on your computer onto your page. Please be aware that if you use the Drag and Drop feature, all images will be automatically saved to the same folder – not to your personal class folder. That is fine – I just wanted you to be aware in case you go looking for it late.