WordPress: Editing Pages and Posts

The first question people generally have in editing a WordPress site is “What is the difference between a page and a post”? Well, if you did not set up your WordPress site and are simply editing/updating it, than the simple answer is that both are edited in exactly the same way – it is simply a matter of finding where it is in your dashboard in order to make your changes. First things first – to edit your WordPress site, go to www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin – that is where to find the dashboard of your WordPress site. Once logged in, you will be on the dashboard, which will look something like this:


Bear in mind that you may not have as many options as are pictured here, since your WordPress install can assign varying levels of access to different users, so you may not have “full” access – as pictured here with all of the menu options. You’ll see a button marked “Posts” and one marked “Pages” – the section you wish to edit will be in one of these two sections. Just click on “Posts” or “Pages” and you will see a complete list of all of the posts or pages.


Simply click on the one you wish to edit, and you will enter the “editing” mode. Here is a screenshot of editing mode for a posts:

editing a post


You will write or edit anything you like in the text box, utilizing the formatting icons (bold, italic, alignment, etc.) as needed above the text box. If you are not seeing all of those formatting options – or you are seeing computer coding in the text box instead of text (example below), simply toggle/click the tabs marked VISUAL & TEXT in the top right corner of the text box. VISUAL means you will be seeing text and formatting buttons (this is the one you want!), and TEXT means that you will be seeing computer coding (I know – it doesn’t make any sense – sorry!)


wordpress codinh


If you would like to add a picture to your text, you can do so by simply clicking on “Add Media” (this goes for PDFs as well), and your “insert media manager” will open up. At the top you will see 2 tabs – one says UPLOAD FILES and one says MEDIA LIBRARY. MEDIA LIBRARY includes all of the images you have uploaded previously – if the picture you would like to add is in that group, simply select it and choose “Insert into post” (or “insert into page” if you are editing a page) – found in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you are adding a new image, click on the UPLOAD FILES tab, and you will be directed to browse on your own computer for the picture you would like to add. After that, simply click “Insert into post” (or “insert into page” if you are editing a page).


Insert Media > Media Library

wordpress media library


Insert Media > Upload Files

wordpress upload files


Sometimes you may wish to change the “featured” image on your page or post. A featured image is often used on WordPress sites to show up – not only in the page or post – but in other functions as well. Your website developer could let you know if it was set up in that way. If you would like to set a featured image, you will see a place for that in the right column, and it is as simple as clicking “set featured image” (or “change featured image”).


So far so good! After you have completed your edits/changes, simply click UPDATE in the right column and you are done – congratulations!