WordPress: Pages vs Posts

The first question people generally have in editing a WordPress site isĀ “What is the difference between a page and a post”? Well, if you did not set up your WordPress site and are simply editing/updating it, than the simple answer is that both are edited in exactly the same way – it is simply a matter of finding where it is in your dashboard in order to make your changes. If you are developing your WordPress site and need to decide which is best for you, here are some things to consider:

  • Pages are generally used for the more “static” sections of your website – like “About Us”, “Contact Us” and other areas.
  • Posts are more for blogging, news, and other items of a more timely nature, and are often displayed in date order (most recent first) so that the newer ones are seen first.
  • Pages are hierarchical and can be “nested” below each other in groupings.
  • Posts can be categorized so that you can view all of the posts of a particular type.
  • Pages can have custom templates, so that each one has different widgets and sidebars – posts can not.
  • Posts are included in RSS feed – pages are not.
  • Generally – although this can be changed – posts are more social, in that there is the opportunity for people to comment and social share. You wouldn’t necessarily want someone commenting about your “Contact” page, would you?

Think before creating your WordPress website about the different types of functions and updating that will go on in each section to decide which are better – pages or posts – for the different information presented. Most WordPress websites have a combination of pages AND posts. And rest assured – if you change your mind down the line and want to convert your pages to posts or vice versa, there are WordPress plugins available for that very purpose, so you certainly aren’t alone in your indecision!