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Have a website – but no one to update it? . . .

$49.00 / month for 11 months and pay for the first month ($49.00) and last month ($49.00) to get started

Product Description

Perhaps you have a website, but no one has the time or skills to keep it updated, and so it no longer functions as the online information center of your business. For just


$49 per month


with a 1 year sign-up, we will take care of all of your website updates for you – just email, call, fax (or even “snail mail”) your updates and we will take care of them. Clients send us everything from flyers for upcoming events, weekly specials, changes, updates and photos to post on their websites. A business website should always be current and dynamic, as it not only acts as an online bulletin board of information for your community, but also serves as your primary marketing tool to encourage prospective customers to come and take a closer look.