Six Keyboard Shortcuts for faster Web Browsing

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Scroll Down a Page

Don’t be a slave to the scroll wheel.  The next time you reach the bottom of the screen while reading, hit the space Bar to jump one screen length down.  Hit it by accident?  Shift+Space Bar gets you back to where you were.


Go Back to the Previous website you were browsing

Alt+BackArrow is your mouse-free way of going back in time with most browsers.  Didn’t mean to do that?  Hit Alt+ForwardArrow to go forward one page.


Jump to the URL bar

If you know the name of the website you’re heading to, Control+L will put you right into the URL bar on the top of a web page.  How to remember it?  Think L for URL.


Open, Close and reopen tabs

To open a new tab, hit Control+T and to close a tab use Contro+W.  If you want to reopen the tab you closed most recently use Control+Shift+T.  the more you press it, the more closed tabs will pop up.


Bookmark a page

Digging around for the “add bookmark” option in your browser toolbars is a waste of time that could be spent looking at kitten pictures.  Instead, hit Control+D to bookmark your current page.


Zoom in or out

Type too small> Control+Plus Sign zooms in:  control +Minus Sign zooms out on any web page.

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