SCORE-on-Social-Media-Kindle-189x300Whether you want to learn more about Social Media marketing or leave it to an “expert”, Stephanie Larkin – author of SCORE on Social Media! – can get you active on the networks where YOUR prospective customers spend their time!

Now offering 3 great options:

Option #1

“I want to do it myself!” – Fantastic! CLICK HERE to get Stephanie’s new book – SCORE on Social Media! – where she will walk you step-by-step to get your business or organization active on the social networks.

Option #2

“I don’t want to do it at all!” – No worries – just CLICK HERE to learn more about our complete social media set-up, where everything is done for you. You’ll end up with customized accounts on the major networks, 3 months of holidays scheduled in advance, plus a free copy of SCORE on Social Media! to keep you moving forward.

Option #3

“I want to learn more!” – Wonderful! Now our complete social media set-up is combined with one-on-one training to get you actively learning and interacting with your audience, plus a free copy of SCORE on Social Media! where we can take notes during our sessions. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Option #2 – We Do it All!

You know you need to be “out there” on social media, but you have no time to get started. Our complete startup package – especially geared for a new business (or a new-to-social media business) includes:

  • Complete set-up on Facebook (including Facebook places, customized tabs, photo albums and all graphics for cover and profile pictures (including variations to swap them seasonally)
  • Google + page/location set-up – for maximum Google exposure, including search/maps/apps
  • Profiles/Pages/Channels set-up on YouTube, Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter as appropriate for your business/organization
  • Timed posts for upcoming holidays set for the next 3 months
  • Customized social media calendar created for your continued postings
  • All embed and linking code for your website, to include social media feeds, like buttons and shares into your website
  • If you don’t have a website, your domain name will be repointed to your Facebook profile page as part of your set up

Just $499 to get you fully set up and going on social media!

Option #3

NEW! What is even BETTER than having all of your networks set up for you?

Having all your networks set up for you AND personalized training at the same time!

Combing our sought-after “Social Media Set-Up” package with our popular one-on-one social media/digital marketing training, you can have it all!

For a limited time only, have 2 in-person sessions (2 hours each) where we will set up all of your accounts, learn about insights and evaluating your progress, and schedule posts for the future. For just $499 you will have everything set-up AND learn how to continue on . . . plus a free copy of SCORE on Social Media! re we will take notes for your future postings. We will schedule our 2 sessions a week or two apart so that you have time to review and have questions ready for our second session.

Don’t miss out – slots are limited!

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