Spring Clean your SmartPhone

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The battery loses its charge; the memory is full; Apps are slow:  Time to refresh your smartphone.  Here’s how according to App creator Danny Anderson.

  • Back it up.  Run a backup to the cloud on your phone or connect it to your computer and follow the backup prompts.  Do this first to avoid losing anything precious
  • Delete apps you haven’t been using.  You can reinstall them later if a need arises.
  • Transfer Photos.  use an online storage service, such as Google Photo or Amazon Photo (fees may apply) to save your images automatically.  Then delete from your phone.
  • Delete apps you haven’t been using.  You can always reinstall if needed.
  • Turn off Location Services and app updates.  Disable both automatic functions in the settings.  Update apps only when you choose and enable locations only when an app, such as navigation requires it.
  • Kill old Texts.  Change the settings to auto-delete any messages older than a year.
  • Make history history.  In the web-browser settings, clear your history and web-cookies.
  • Give it a wipe down.  a study in the journal  “germs” found that some phones had 17,000 bugs lurking on the outside.  Once a week, clean your phone with a disinfecting wipe.smartphones
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