Whether you have one computer and phone or 20, technology which was supposed to make our lives easier invariably leads to headaches and frustration. Our tech support and training includes:

  • New computer / equipment set-up
    • including wireless networks, printers, software and file transfer, new computer set-ups and upgrades, mobile device set-ups and data transfer, and more
  • Spyware, adware and virus removal services
    • also installation of anti-virus software, Windows security and system updates, removal of unwanted programs, and improvement of speed and performance
  • Computer upgrades and servicing
    • including RAM upgrades, peripherals, video cards, software and operating system upgrades, data backup and recovery, PC restoration and repair
  • Software set-up and training
    • Outlook and Microsoft Office configurations and training, Google Apps set-up and training, Quickbooks customization and training, Adobe Creative Suite, Video Editing software, iTunes, Wordpress, Joomla and many other software titles available
  • Mobile devices
    • Initial set-up, training, account creation, coordination of files between devices, data transfer, user customization and more

Additionally we offer contacts and database management, cloud services, email marketing, graphic design, website development, hosting and maintenance, mobile apps, social media and so much more!