Intro to Social Media for your Business/Organization

Bring your business or organization to the places where your prospective clients already spend their time – on Social media sites! In this course, you will learn about the different types of social media sites, and what type of content/target market each appeals to, including:

  • Facebook – the most popular social network, and certainly a necessary starting place for businesses and organizations of all types
  • Google+ – underrated as a social network, yet vitally important for businesses, as your Google+ profile is used throughout the internet – whether you know it or not
  • Instagram – especially suitable for visually oriented businesses, which quite frankly, could include most businesses who want to expand their reach
  • Pinterest – the bulletin board of the world, and a great place to post and explore
  • YouTube – with videos ranking so high on Google searches, it is certainly worth considering the video worthy aspects of your business
  • Twitter – the place which many people consider to be their personal news feed
  • LinkedIn – THE online business meeting place

Topics to be covered include types of posts for maximum engagement, learning from your competitors, setting up a social media calendar, moderating discussions and more.

1 sessions 2 hours