Using Facebook to Promote Your Business or Organization

Do you have a business or organization you’d like to promote on social media? Or perhaps promoting yourself – in all of your endeavors? With over  1 1/2 billion users worldwide – and a billion of them logging on daily – Facebook is certainly the place to go for the widest possible exposure. Topics to be covered include:

Session #1

  • Personal Profiles vs Pages – the pros and cons of each, and why you need both to get the most exposure
  • Setting up your profile and page – including resizing/editing photos (and how/why to change them regularly!), choosing/customizing your name, security measures and more
  • Customizing your personal “friend” groups to filter posts accordingly
  • Timing Facebook posts for ease of posting – as well as widest exposure
  • Cross posting between Facebook and other social media

Session #2

  • Customizing tabs on your Facebook page
  • Engaging your audience – Contests, questions, promotions and more
  • Posting regularly – ideas to get those posts flowing more easily
  • Setting up your Facebook “place” for checkins
  • Creating and inviting others to Facebook events

Session #3

  • Facebook analytics – measuring your success!
  • Embedding Facebook feeds/shares/like buttons into your website
  • Repointing domain names to Facebook
  • Notifications and moderation – keeping up with your audience
  • Utilizing Facebook search to maximize your reach
  • Facebook Insights – track your progress and plot your future strategy

During this hands-on course, you will work on computers in order to work on your own Facebook account. This allows you to make changes as we go. The course is broken into multiple weeks so that you will have the opportunity to work on your pages during the week, and bring any questions or concerns that occur to our next meeting, as we progress towards a fully functioning – and thriving – Facebook presence for your business.

3 sessions 1.5 hours each