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You can access useful apps on the Google Play Store (Android users) and the App Store (iPhone/iPad users), and a lot of apps are free to use. Apps are great for keeping track of health and wellness, entertainment, or reminding us of our daily tasks. Here are three apps to get you started:

Pill Reminder by Medisafe

This app will help you remember to take your medicine. It is ranked #1 by pharmacists and physicians.

Map My Walk

This is a free app to use while you are walking. It uses the GPS on your phone to map out your walking routes and records the duration, distance, pace, speed, and elevation. It will also calculate the calories you burned.

iBooks or Kindle

Take your tablet along to your next doctor’s appointment and lose yourself in a good book while you are in the waiting room. Both apps offer free books to read, but most popular titles and magazines can be read at a cost. Some community libraries can give you access to their digital library to digitally check out books onto your reading app just by using your library card!

There is no avoiding the latest and greatest in technology. While it can seem like an inconvenience to keep up with the latest devices and technology, it can really help make your life more convenient and entertaining. With a little practice, you can easily enjoy all that these devices offer.


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