Tips Especially for Tablet Users

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Everyone, nowadays, seems to have a tablet, whether IPad or Android. I’ve searched around to find some tips for tablet users.

~Use Voice Typing:
Save time and energy by voice typing instead of typing text manually on your tablet. Open up your keyboard and click on the microphone icon. Speak into your tablet and see how easily you can convert your spoken words into text.
~Protect Your Eyes by Alternating Between Outdoor Mode And Reading Mode:
It’s a bit more difficult to see text and visuals optimally on your tablet when you are outdoors in the glaring sunlight. But when you are reading text indoors, you want to make the light less harsh on your eyes by switching it over to a reading mode that offers a soft, warm, blue light. You can switch back and forth between outdoor mode and reading mode by going to the quick settings method on your tablet and clicking one or the other.
~Save Your Battery by Being Conscious of Wi-Fi:
As it is on many other devices, the Wi-Fi mode is constantly on the on mode on your tablet, even when you aren’t using Wi-Fi or anywhere near Wi-Fi. This is an unnecessary waste of battery life. You can conserve battery life by turning off Wi-Fi anytime you aren’t using it. To do this, go to your Settings, tap Wi-Fi, go to More, and finalize it by clicking Keep Wifi On During Sleep.
~Protect Personal Details:
Should you ever decide to sell your tablet, you want to first make sure you don’t have any of your personal details still on your device or your Google account information still there. To wipe out any of your information before selling your tablet, take advantage of the Factory Reset Protection that will clear off any of your Google account information.
~Take Advantage of What is Free:
If you have a long flight ahead of you or need to occupy your time for a few hours, there’s lots of free reading material you can take advantage of on your tablet whether you want a free e-book, e-magazine, or free library e-books. You can find and download plenty of free kindle books off of Amazon and read them on your device. If magazines are more your style, you can go to Zinio and download tons of digital magazines and there’s no return date! You can even download older issues if you want to have more magazine reading material.


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