Updating Packages

Status, video and photo updates can be completed daily, weekly, or on whatever time frame you prefer. Pricing is dependent upon whether your organization would be supplying the content or whether we would be creating content for you.

If you would like a totally interactive and constantly updated social network without any additional workload for you or your staff, we offer full maintenance/update packages which include:

  • Weekly posts supplied by Red Penguin Web Solutions, including events, important news posts, announcements, photos, fundraising events, celebration announcements, newsletters, photo albums, and more.
  • Content will be created for you, including articles, pictures, captions and links, so that you do not need to create it or schedule it yourself.
  • Information will be gathered from various sources such as news, events, market analysis, colleagues and competitors, and other sources.
  • Additionally, please feel free to send pictures and posts that you would like uploaded to your social networks, and that will be taken care of as well.