Using the Original Computer Function

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Computers weren’t invented for email or the internet.  They were never intended to be used to keep track of your bank accounts or 2nd marking period grades.  The very first electronic computer was created during World War II and it’s intended function was to help American soldiers hit their target.   During WorldWar2 many were hired with mathematical ability to physically do the math to create ballistics tables for military weapons.  The very first computer, the ENIAC was built to electronically do the math previously done by human computers.

For today’s tech tip we’d like to show you how to find the calculator on your
computer. These directions will work on most computers that are using a Microsoft Operating system:

1) Go to the START menu in the lower left hand corner and click on it.
In windows 10, it is the windows appin the lower left hand corner.

2) Click on “All Programs” or “Programs” or all apps

3) Look for “Accessories” and then select “Calculator”.
In Windows there is no accessories, so go directly to calculator.

You can use the calculator that appears by either using your mouse to click the buttons or by using the number keypad on the right side of your keyboard.  If you are using the numbers pad, be sure it’s not

If you are using an older computer, you might find that division is indicated by “/” and multiplication
is indicated by “*”.  This is not the case on newer computers where the division and multiplication marks
are the standard.  Now you are free to calculate to your hearts content.  BTW, there is also a Calculator on your hand held device.  On my Iphone  the calculator is under the Utilities APP.calculator




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