Virtual Assistants

Think of the amazing things you could accomplish with more time to focus on your business or organization!

Do you have more work than you or your staff can handle? But perhaps not regularly enough to warrant another hire, or perhaps involving a skill set you don’t possess? Whether you need occasional office help, data input, billing, email marketing, graphic design, social media posting or more, our virtual assistants can easily step in—virtually!—and handle your extra office needs.

Some of our recent projects have included:

  • Creating mailing labels from Excel spreadsheets for a mass mailing
  • Producing weekly bulletins for churches
  • Importing email addresses from contact lists into email marketing programs or other contact managers
  • Creating decorative and informative flyers for concerts, fundraisers and events
  • Organizing collected business cards and inputting the data into contact managers
  • Cropping, resizing and web optimizing photos
  • Posting events and photos to social media
  • Sending out monthly newsletters for various organizations, including photos and articles highlighting the activities and news of the month
  • Sending out mass mailings for groups, including the printing, folding, addressing, stuffing and sending of materials
  • Handling monthly bookkeeping, including inputting income and expenses, as well as sending out invoices due
  • Conducting online research, from competitor research to finding locations for meetings
  • Creating presentations for clients, turning raw data into Powerpoint presentations, complete with charts and other graphics
  • Social tasks, such as writing thank yous, emailing new contacts or sending holiday cards and gifts